Funeral services

It can be a very difficult time so I’ve put together a list of what to do when somebody dies to help you here. A person is a jewel of many facets and funeral services should reflect their life and beliefs whether it’s a burial, natural burial or cremation. I create a true picture from the perspectives of family and friends to give a real understanding. A joyful celebration of the deceased’s life. As a humanist UK Celebrant, I take the individual’s beliefs and values to frame their life story. I like to celebrate Life. I deliver part belief or non-religious funeral services in a sensitive and caring manner. Whether it’s Taoist or Pagan, Agnostic or Zoroastrian, I’m able to empathise and comfort the bereaved and support you through your loss. Nothing I say or do is without the approval of the next of kin or family.

We only ever see a slice of someone’s life. Their children only knew them as parents. You may have known that person since school. I may only have known them for a few years. All of us can only understand the real individual by appreciating the holistic person, their entire life. We need to recognise their skills, gain an insight into beliefs or wishes and to celebrate their achievements.

I’m available to help and advise on all aspects of funeral services. Some people prefer to be interred in naturally managed burial grounds, of which Clandon Wood is one. Others prefer a celebration sometime after a cremation. I can lead an ‘Open Memorial’ where friends and family gather to give their own memories and thoughts of the deceased. If you wish, I’ll help curate the digital footprint memorial to help the celebration of life.

Paul Fahey

Paul, Funeral Celebrant

People say:

“I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help, your sensitivity as well as your humour whilst dealing with everything that needed to be dealt with.” – Georgia

“There has been much praise for your work in guiding the event towards its success.  THANK YOU!” – Phillipa

“…very appreciative and grateful for your input and assistance on these matters, and people have been very complimentary about the sensitive way you conducted the service itself.” – Richard

“It was a very moving service.” – Ian

“It was a fitting farewell to Dad.” – Emma

“You captured the character and spirit of the man.” – Roy

“Very sensitive to all our family.” – Helen

If you have any questions, or just want some advice, use the appointment button below to book a free phone call and I’ll answer any questions you may have.