Scattering of ashes

Scattering ashes can be done anywhere providing the landowner has given permission. You could choose the favourite place of the deceased to make it more meaningful. If you want to scatter ashes over water then government guidelines should be followed. Legally, ashes are the same as a body and can’t be divided up. However, some families agree to divide the ashes so multiple scatterings can take place.

The scattering of ashes is also a time for reflection. These days, a direct cremation is followed by a memorial service. This means more people can attend and witness the scattering of ashes and celebrate the life that was lived.

You can scatter ashes in many ways and places. A crematorium has a Garden of Remembrance where ashes are scattered if no other instructions are given. The deceased may have wished to be scattered over a river or in the sea. Some people wish to be scattered over a favourite place like a sports venue. If you’d like to know a bit more or just bounce some ideas around, use the appointment button below to book a free phone call and I’ll answer any questions you may have.