Namings are used by many parents who want to mark their child’s arrival but not necessarily in a religious way. Names are an important part of society and culture. A name is our identity. When we name someone – or something – we give them an identity, a link to us, perhaps even a clue to our hopes for them. Naming ceremonies are happy, personal and very relaxed occasions. You can hold them wherever and whenever a family chooses. You can use them to invoke your hopes. and aspirations  and wishes upon your child.

We will meet at your home, or wherever is convenient, to find out what you want from this special ceremony. You can bring along readings, poems or music and any promises you wish to make. We’ll then agree a unique and special ceremony which will be used on the special day. You’ll even have a presentation copy of the final ceremony.

Baby naming


It may be that your life has changed and you want to confirm your identity. By giving a name we are confirming the existence of that individual and also our responsibilities to them. It makes them unique and special. We use names that have meanings to us or our family. Some beliefs and cultures say that a name bestows a soul. and have special ceremonies to mark the occasion of a naming.

Animals or objects

When we name an object or an animal, we give it an identity that helps us to endow affection, to build a relationship and allow responsibility.