Rites, rituals & celebrations

Rituals give us all a bond of meaning, a familiarity and sympathy with each other. They also put us together in a time and a place to share an experience. By taking events from everyday life we can charge them with theatrical qualities that makes them special with a symbolic meaning.

We’ve all heard the term ‘rites of passage’. These are milestones in life that make a statement about who we are, what we think about the world and what they think about others in our community. They mark our passage through life. Important events such as birth, naming, graduation, engagement, marriage and death are often given cursory attention. However, these are important events in our lives and milestones in the lives of other people.

My experience in processional theatre means we can work together to design and produce a rite for any type of special event, whether it’s a blessing, separation, divorce or other rite of passage. In short you have the ability to do anything!

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