Wassails are gathering in popularity. They are a good example of a community based invocation for success or a blessing. Wassails and blessings come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

Wassail has come from the Old English term “waes hael”, meaning “be well”. At the start of each year, a Saxon lord of the manor would shout ‘waes hael’. The assembled people would shout ‘drinc hael’, meaning ‘drink and be healthy’. A Wassail traditionally falls on January 17th but these days the date is more flexible! The blessing focuses upon blessing the trees to ensure a good harvest in the coming year. Villages traditionally performed ceremonies to bless the orchard and scare away any evil spirits that could plague the trees. These days they are used as community events to bring people together and invoke blessing for a fruitful harvest. In fact, one cider maker has reported that the harvest from his orchard has increased year on year since he started an annual Wassail!

A house, business, farm, orchard, garden or road may need bespoke words but the ceremony can even grow in to a large scale geographical ritual. We can work together to develop a blessing that reflects what you really want to happen. You can summon good luck, health, happiness. In the ritual sense, a blessing invokes benefits on the people present, on to the place and even into our hearts.

Some people believe that blessings change the blessed for the better. Blessings change the way we feel. Using a blessing enables us to become blessed.

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