Independent Celebrants’ Code of Ethics

In following the Fellowship of Independent Celebrants’ code of ethics:

I believe in providing ceremony to acknowledge all life celebrations and significant events.
I believe in preserving the right of personal choice and decision in ceremonies.
I believe in maintaining the highest standards of business, professional and personal conduct.
I believe in maintaining truth, accuracy, dignity and integrity.
I believe in serving every client with respect, sensitivity and professionalism.
I believe in only using your data for the purposes of your celebration or significant event.
I believe in meeting my client for a no obligation interview to discuss services prior to engagement.
I believe in providing a service that recognises the unique personalities of my clients, being sensitive to their needs, wishes, values, philosophical and spiritual beliefs and cultural backgrounds.
I believe in providing unlimited consultation to my clients while creating their ceremony.
I believe in maintaining cultural awareness with my ceremonies and services.
I believe not to discriminate on the basis of gender, race, religion, philosophy of life, ethnicity, national origin, age, disability or sexual orientation.