Jumping the broom

A broom to be jumpedJumping the broom is a tradition dating back to pre-Christian days. It symbolises a new beginning, a sweeping away the old cares and worries. It represents entering into a new life of husband and wife.

The broom is a traditional besom constructed around a central pole and the brush is round instead of flat. The bristles are traditionally made of straw, herbs, or twigs. The handle is of hazel wood and the head is of birch twigs. Modern construction uses bindings of wire and string (instead of the traditional split willow) with the head secured by a steel nail instead of a wooden dowel. In ancient times a couple used to elope and demonstrate this by jumping over the flowering broom plant.

The wooden handle represents the strength of the commitment in the marriage. The twigs illustrate working together. The ribbons symbolise the tying together of two lives.
And the leap symbolizes joyfully taking the leap into married life together.

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