Why use a UK Celebrant for life events?

As life becomes busier and more digital, many people want to mark life events in a richer and more personal way. We all have our own set of beliefs, our own values, our own moral codes. We may take elements of religion, traditional beliefs or simply what feels good in our heart to guide us through life.

Historically, rites marked a key event or milestone in lives and society. Individual rites were strung together to form rituals that enabled family and group celebrations. Humans took elements from the world around and used them to celebrate their lives. Today is no different. Except we have a much wider, richer and more diverse range to choose from.

There is a wider recognition to mark life events that aren’t religious or state sponsored. Recent changes in the law have enabled civil to replace common law partnerships. We have more choice of places. The world is a different place now. Our lives are different. You can create a unique memory for you, your family and your friends. Take physical elements, add heartfelt feelings or personal beliefs, mix in social celebration and we will create a memorable milestone in your and their lives.

If you’re looking for a Celebrant, make sure that they’re properly trained. You can find some good ones here. If you want me to answer any questions you may have, please use the buttons below.